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Roman Kleinrath

Owner/ Personal Chef


Chef Roman was born in Austria, where he has worked at some of the best restaurants in Austria, such as Restaurant Corso, which is located next to the Vienna Opera House as well as Hotel Palais Schwarzenberg which belongs to a Czech Duke.

Chef Roman  has been living and working in Cayman since 2007 and has worked at quite a few well-known fine dining restaurants on the island, starting as a Sous Chef and then Head Chef. In 2013, he left Cayman for a year and found himself in Perth, Australia. During his time there, he traveled to South East Asia where his love for Asian Cuisine ignited. In 2014, he returned back to Cayman with a new found appreciation for food and applying all his newfound knowledge and culinary skills into creating some of the amazing dishes that he is known for.

Chef Roman is passionate about creating a modern twist on Traditional European Food. He has a lot of experience not only in Austrian, German and Asian cuisines but also Italian Cuisine.

In his spare time, he loves to try his hand at fishing and using his fresh catch to create amazing seafood dishes for his clients.

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